About Me

Happy 2015, what is my resolution… To Live!

I was the last person to see my grandmother in the hospital just before I went to visit my new bride nearly 20 years ago.  My grandmother and I spoke about the wedding just two months earlier and her new greatgrandchildren.  Unfortunately, less than 24 hours after my flight to where my wife was stationed I got the call that my grandmother had passed.  This should have been no surprise to me.  I had watched over the past few years as she went in and out of the hospital due to complications from advanced type II diabetes.  I saw her pain as she went through dialysis sessions the last year or so.  Her loss of lucidity over the last few months as her electrolytes fluctuated.  Even more so I should have known since I watched my grandfather, her husband, use insulin as long as I had known him before his death from stomach cancer when I was 7.

Within the last 3 years I found out my father has had type II diabetes since his early twenties after he returned from Vietnam.  Unfortunately, he never did take care of himself and it was a surprise when I found this out while sitting at the VA hospital while he was recovering from a mild stroke and possible heart attack.  My dad was always a laborer but never exercised.  He had his first heart attack at 41 and was forced into retirement by a heart attack in his mid-fifties.  Now in his sixties, I am surprised he is still alive seeing what he eats and how inactive he has become.

Now it’s my turn, the 3rd Gen A1C Diabetic.  A little over three months ago I was formerly diagnosed as diabetic.  I did not freak out; I knew it was coming, my A1C levels had been rising for the past few years.  I had started trying to take care of myself earlier in life when I was a teenager and seeing the difficulties of my grandparents.  My convictions were reaffirmed when my dad had his first heart attack in my early twenties.  Over the next two decades I continued to exercise and try to watch what I ate, but was not too concerned.  Then over the last three years I was downsized from three organizations so I was not as worried about my health as I was about impressing my superiors.  This led to the increase in my A1C levels and the inevitable diagnoses of diabetes.

This is how I got to here.  Yes some of it is genetic, but I also believe I can control my destiny; it is not a forgone conclusion.  Diabetes stops here in my family; what I learn on this journey will be shared with my brother, nieces, and my own kids so there is not a 4th generation.  And if you choose to follow, it will be shared with you.

Every journey begins with the first step!



Dedication to Fitness

I have been working out for over three decades and plan to continue doing so until the day I die.  I will list different work out routines that have helped me over the years.  Plus, any new ones that I find useful to get past stubborn plateaus.

Healthy Choices

I will post on food alternatives for diabetics that I have found appealing. Whether you are worried about weight management or simply want to learn more about the affects of a healthy diet, I will share what I have learned.


What’s Next, Research

New research is taking place daily with advances in treating diabetes and other health conditions resulting from complications from diabetes.  I will keep up on new research and discoveries as I manage and one day hopefully overcome diabetes.