Cruising to a Healthy Vacation


So this is where I spent my last week.  As a diabetic it is important to plan ahead at least a little when you are going to be out of your home and eating over an extended period of time.  So I did a little research before we went on our cruise.  First I checked out the options on the ship and was pleasantly surprised to find this statement on the Carnival website under their dining section.

Special Diets

We don’t all have the luxury of dropping our diets when we go on vacation. If you’ve got an eye on what crosses your plate, we’ve got your back. Carnival’s chefs are specially-trained to prepare food options for a variety of diets — vegetarian, gluten-free, kosher, Indian vegetarian, or food low in carbs, fat, sugar or cholesterol — so you don’t have to let your dietary restrictions restrict you from having a great time. Or from having seconds.

I was happy to find this to be true on the cruise.  I found that their dining room dinner portions were ideal for someone who may be concerned with diet.  They also offered at least two healthy dessert options each evening from fresh fruit, apple pie without sugar, and coconut cake without/low sugar.  My wife had the lava chocolate cake with ice cream each night but she doesn’t need to watch what she eats. They were all great three course meals.  Plus our wait staff; Pande and Jervie, were fantastic and made it a memorable experience.

dining-room-dinner-1 dining-room-dinner-2 dining-room-dinner-3 dining-room-dinner-4


I’d suggest sticking with the Lido deck options for breakfast and lunch.  It took to long for service for breakfast in the dining room.  Plus there was 24 hour pizza on the Lido which was nice; it was a personal size so portions were just right.  There were many healthy options on the Lido deck; burgers, Mongolian BBQ, burritos in wheat wraps, and low card buffet options.  The best dessert was the low carb cheesecake; you will need to ask for it at the dessert station.  Breakfast was always a made to order omelet minus bacon; their bacon had a horrid taste to it.  I tried it on two occasions since I forgot to ask for one omelet minus bacon, but the taste seemed to be from the grease they cooked the bacon in possibly.  A nice hidden lunch gem was at the back of the Lido food area one deck up on the second floor of seating where they had a baked chicken, baked potato, corn on the cob, and mac n’ cheese option if you really want to cut down on grease.  There were several types of salads to choose from and veggies.  There was also several fruit options; I always grabbed an extra apple as I left the Lido buffet area in case I was a bit hungry later.  I have included some pics from the areas mentioned.

burrito-bar-1 burrito-bar-2 pizza-pirate-1 good-eats-1 good-eats-2 good-eats-6 lido-restaurant-2 lido-restaurant-3 mongolian-wok-3 pizzeria-del-capitano-4 oceanside-bbq-2 oceanside-bbq-3

Another important part of watching sugar levels is getting adequate exercise.  This was easily accomplished since we walked to every place on board and used the steps except on few occasions like when we walked around Nassau all day.  We spent the extra money and selected a Spa 9 balcony room that gave us access to other amenities such as spas, weight room, and discounted spa treatments.  We indulged and had several treatments between the two of us.  We visited the spas at least once a day and I worked out three of the five days on the cruise; four if you count the several miles we walked on Nassau.  These outlets made it easy to stay active while still enjoying our leisurely vacation.

fitness-center-3 spa-carnival-1 cloud-9-spa-1 cloud-9-spa-thermal-suite-1

My wife and I had a great experience on our Carnival Cruise.  As a diabetic, I found it easy to stay on point with my diet and not be lured into cheating since ample alternatives were offered.  We’re looking forward to our next cruise due to this experience.  I can’t wait!

Every”body” is different.