How I Went from Diabetic to the Lowest Level – Risk of Diabetes

My most recent tests results were better than I had expected.  According to my latest test results, I am now just at risk of diabetes and no longer diabetic.

Newest Hemoglobin A1C Test Results
Newest Hemoglobin A1C Test Results

Just 0.1% point lower and I would basically be diabetic free.   So now I need to keep up what I have been doing for the 90 days prior to this last test.  What will my next Hemoglobin A1C test be?

How did I manage to lower my Hemoglobin A1C by a full point?  I spoke with several friends who are physician assistant, cardio nurse, and dietician.   They all knew I had worked out most of my life but in the past few years have slacked up.  So they suggested that I get back into a work out routine and lose weight.  I managed to lose about 30 pounds between my first Hemoglobin A1C test with a 6.7% to this test with a 5.7% result.  I also decreased my carb intake and increased my fiber intake.  I try to stay under 100 grams total carbs a day including the fiber carbs.  I try to eat a minimum of 30 grams fiber carbs  a day.  This means I have cut out most breads and pasta but I have found several good options that I will include in later posts.

Every”body” is different!