So What Do You Do When You Get Sick and a Sad Surprise

You may have noticed I missed a post.  I managed to catch the crud that was going around the last few weeks so I’ve been under the weather.  So in order to try to kick it faster I ran to the store looking for cold medicine. BayerAlkaSeltzerPlus Do you realize that sugar is one of the main ingredients in a lot of cold medicines.  I never realized that when I wasn’t worried about my blood sugar levels.  So I went to my handy smartphone and did a quick search for diabetic friendly cold medicines.

I came up with an old favorite, Alka-Seltzer.  They have a new formula, Alka-Seltzer Plus® Severe Cold & Flu Formula which uses aspartame as the sweetener.  And yes, it worked great; I felt better the first day and by the second I was mostly recovered.  I was even felt good enough to get back to the gym this weekend which made me feel even better.

Now that would be the end of the story except one of the sites that came up and offered, ChocolateKissesOnDiabeticLife“Cold Medicines That Are Safe for Diabetes.”  This was at  I have been to the site before and have had pop up ads come up before, but on this day I was not impressed.   I was prompted to view three potential ads two which were over 90 seconds, and one that was only 15 seconds.  This is the one that was the 15 second option.  The broken icon image sums up how I felt about this being offered as the shortest video.  So I can either disclose my personal information, watch videos that are 6 times longer than the shortest option, or watch a shorter video about a snack most diabetics should steer clear of for their own health.  Luckily I don’t have a bad sweet tooth and really don’t like Kisses, but I thought it was incredibly irresponsible for a site such as to allow ads for something like Hershey Kisses to be one of the either or options for their site visitors.

So the lesson here is that even sites and resources that can help diabetics, may sometimes lead diabetics astray.  Self control is sometimes the only tool we can rely on when we are making decisions.  Here’s to good choices and …

Every”body” is different!